Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Journey Begins

After 18 months of research, travel and study, the time has come to start designing, engineering, modelling and building our own torrefaction technology.

The patents are now applied for; the site has been selected; the Development partner has been chosen.

In 12 to 14 months, we will have an operating, commercial scale, torrefaction reactor to make Bio-Coal (torrefied wood pellets)

As my good friend and mentor keeps reminding me (every time I spout off about the progress we have made so far) "You are FIRST - among EQUALS, who DON'T have a commercial torrefaction reactor"

My only response to that comes via Bob Dylan - and I remind him that "The times - they are a Changing"

In the coming months, you will be able to track the reactor development; follow our path to commercialisation, and watch the roll-out of our technology worldwide.

The Path to commercialisation of Bio-Coal still has many unanswered questions:

Why use Torrefaction Technology?
What are the best strategies for cost optimisation of Torrefaction Processes?
Is the technology really that Complex?
What are the Technological Risks?
What can go Wrong?
The challenges are great

The time-frame is short

The finances are tight

but The GOAL is worth achieving.


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  1. Mr. Walton, as you know I am also the one who believes the GOAL is worth waiting and achieving. You are not alone!