Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A Complete and Comprehensive Overview of Torrefaction Technologies

Well Folks, we have finally managed to get the Report published online.

Since it's initial announcement, it has grown from 29 to over 50 Developers, Promoters and System Designers.

We have also included expanded sections on complimentary technologies (HTC, Bio-Char, etc).

As the industry is changing rapidly, we will also be publishing a quarterly update, which will chronicle key milestones in the Commercialisation of this technology. One example - is a new entrant into the field. Whetsell Energy of Lexington SC is planning on a 250 Tonne per day torrefaction reactor, as part of a consolidated development that includes Bio-Coal, Bio-Diesel and High-Grade; Low Sulphur Coal.

Here is the link to our Report:

We hope that this will help to separate the "Torrefact" from the "Torrefiction"


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