Saturday, 1 March 2014

I haven't been so excited since the birth of my daughter, 31 years ago.

Very few event's register as monumental in ones life. Of course, there are the BIG 3 - Births, Marriages and Deaths; but not very often many more.

This week, is one of those monumental weeks.

I received word today that the Torrefaction System was loaded on the Boat in Norfolk, Virginia, and is powering its way across the Atlantic, destined for Liverpool Docks. This has become my new "baby".

Now I'm probably one of very few people who could get excited about the arrival of a bunch of steel and wires; pipes and ducts; and miscellaneous bits of kit. However - THIS is the culmination of 5 years of effort, energy and struggle, to get to this point.

It has taken the efforts of a large and divers group of people, to turn what once was a dream, into the reality. Scientists, Engineers, technicians, financiers, etc. have all come together in this quest.

The new home is being prepared as we speak. The feedstock is being lined up, and the truck scheduled. All things being equal, by the end of the month, we'll be in full operation.

Once we commission the unit, it will produce a steady supply of smokeless chips, on a daily basis. These will then be run through the pelletiser or briquetter, and then be sent off to their respective customers for field trials in a multitude of burners and boilers.

The feeling of anticipation is one of a young child, the week leading up to Christmas. I can hardly contain my excitement, and have gone over the operations and procedures a hundred times now; checking and re-checking, to make sure that nothing is missed.

What the Big Deal? Well - for the first time, the UK will have a supply of Biomass Fuel, that is a much cleaner burning and lower emission version than unrefined wood chips and pellets. It will also have the first drop-in Bio-Coal replacement for fossil coal, that can be added to power station fuel supply chains, with no modifications.

For the first time, adulterated post consumer wood waste will be able to be consumed in virtually any boiler, without needing a WID Compliant system.

For the first time, there will be a low emission biomass fuel option, which ensures that air quality is maintained at all times, and that the appliances perform to their listed capacity.

I even have some baby pictures . . . Hope you enjoy them.

 All wrapped up and ready to go.

 Her new home in the UK.


  1. Richard, I am happy with your achievement to finally realize your ideas into a tangible object.
    But it looks pretty modestly, is it only a mini prototype that will be used for exhibitions?


  2. Ospmk

    It is, as you point out, just a pilot scale (1 tonne per day) system.

    It is also however, the platform on which the Commercial systems will be built.

    We have orders now for a pair of commercial refineries, and will start building the first one as soon as the fuel validation trials are complete.


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  4. Richard, Have you abandoned this project? If not, could you provide us with an update?

  5. Hello Richard! Any updates on this? Thanks!